Fighting to Be Heard is a love letter to one of the most over-engineered jet aircraft ever built: the British Aerospace 146. This regional aircraft was truly the beginning of the “RJ” (aka Regional Jet) which has become common place in air travel today. Although the 146 was ahead of its time, the program, the company, and the aircraft was plagued with many challenges. As a result, the 146 became the last commercial aircraft to be built in the United Kingdom. The title “Fighting to Be Heard” signifies the ironic uphill battle British Aerospace faced in trying to convince airlines to buy and operate the worlds quietest jet.

This isn’t your typical aircraft history book; instead of the dry facts many aircraft books publish (basic history, who bought the aircraft, how many were built, and technical statistics), Fighting to Be Heard is the story of the aircraft and the regional jet arm of BAe, those on the front line at BAe, those who flew it, and those who sold them to airlines. Featuring stories never before printed, photographs from the archives of British Aerospace that have never been published, and interviews with a wide range of people from pilots to customer service reps, salesman to airline executives, the story is so engrossing that you’ll be hard pressed to put the book down. The author spent over four years researching and interviewing a wide range of people involved with the 146, including airlines and operators that flew this unique aircraft. He’s even summoned records from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) for the tragic murder in the sky of PSA flight 1771, with never before seen images of evidence derived from over 300 pages of reports and interviews.

Go behind the scenes and read the stories and see the details other books have overlooked, which makes the entire history of the aircraft and operations so fascinating. This book puts you front and center in the action.


Fighting to be Heard is a high-end coffee table book featuring:

  • Hardcover, large format book measuring approximately 12” x 11” (inches) in size;
  • 500 page book on high quality paper (157gsm), weighing nearly 12 pounds (6kg) by itself.
  • 20 chapters with over 100,000 words telling the complete story
  • Over 700 images and photographs, most in color.


  • The G-LUXE version is LIMITED TO 400 COPIES. A 32GB 146 branded light up USB Drive with over 400 brochures, press releases, marketing pieces, artwork, newsletters and more!  The Blu-Ray features nearly 7 hours of video content. The USB drive, aircraft plate, and storage case are not available separately.
  • G-LUXE is priced at $146 including free domestic U.S. shipping.  Copies are selling fast.  SHIPPING: March 2022
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Watch a brief video showing all the elements of the G-LUXE Edition

Video shows a mock-up of the G-LUXE edition.  G-LUXE edition comes with only a single USB thumb drive.