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Steve Dien, Goodyear Airship Operations.

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“Content is King” has become a cliché. It’s overwhelming and endless.  Anyone can shoot video, but telling a compelling story is difficult.That’s where avgeektv comes in

We have the sensibilities of aviation by producing content that resonates and reverberates with your audience, generating an emotional connection; one that is possible not just with human beings, but inanimate objects like aircraft.  Content that keeps your audience continually coming back for more.

avgeektv specializes in helping you tell your story, generating that emotional connection that makes an impact over and over again.

Whether it’s for digital streaming, packaged goods (e.g. Blu-Ray), or social media, avgeektv is your perfect partner.

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avgeektv produces independent aviation productions for clients, in addition to content for our new dedicated aviation streaming channel: avgeektv (on YouTube now – coming to Roku & AppleTV in 2019).   Head on over to YouTube to see our latest films.

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Available in 4K UltraHD and where applicable, Virtual Reality VR360 enhanced content.

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ABOUT avgeektv

Founded by Brian Wiklem, his passion for both film and aviation are brought together in an effort to tell compelling stories. He shoots in 4K UltraHD as well as VR Virtual Reality 360.  Brian has just concluded his second feature length aviation documentary “The Good Years: A Blimpumentary” which is now available on both Blu-Ray and will be on streaming services in late 2018.

If you have an aviation project in mind, drop
him a line – he’s always interested.

Notable Projects


Farewell DC-1O

February 2014 marked the final flights for the last passenger DC-10 aircraft in service.  Biman Bangladesh brought the aircraft to the United Kingdom for one final round of flights.  Join aviation enthusiasts on the final sight seeing flights out of Birmingham and see the aircraft and crew in action.  You’ll join the last flight back to Dhaka, Bangladesh where not only the aircraft retired, but also the Captain commanding the flight.


Farewell DC-10 was our first project, and armed with 22 cameras (4 of which were stereoscopic 3-D), we recorded over 200 hours of footage to produce a feature film; 3-D Bonus disc; and a “Virtual Cockpit” film where the viewer could change the camera view from their remote at any time.


All nine scenic flights plus the final flight back to Bangladesh where the aircraft was decommissioned were filmed.


The Good Years

After 92 years of designing, manufacturing and operating their own blimps, The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company has moved to an all new airship, the Zeppelin NT.  Follow one of the last blimps as she makes her final flights into retirement, and ultimately history.

You’ll see what it takes to operate the blimp, see views from vantage points no one has ever seen before, and get a glimpse of what it’s like to be a crew member working for one of the most recognizable American icons.


You’ll laugh.  You’ll cry.  You’ll see a side of the blimp no one has ever seen before.


The Good Years: A Blimpumentary was filmed with up to five (5) 4K UltraHD cameras simultaneously as well as three (3) 3-D stereoscopic cameras to produce the final film on Blu-Ray (and a bonus 3-D disc).



The founder may be old school, but updating websites is also old school and time consuming – follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to stay up to date on the latest news from avgeektv.

Email: brian@avgeektv.com


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