Fighting to Be Heard: G-LUXE Edition


Fighting to Be Heard: The complete history of the British Aerospace 146, G-LUXE Edition.

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Fighting to Be Heard: The complete history of the British Aerospace 146, G-LUXE Edition complete with the 500 page hardcover book, clamshell storage case, 146 branded light up 32GB USB thumb drive with over 400 brochures, newsletters, and more, the Blu-Ray disc with nearly 7 hours of content, and an aircraft plate made from the skin of an actual BAe 146.


INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS (specifically Ireland, the United Kingdom, European Union, Africa, the Middle East): SHIPPING IS NOT INCLUDED IN THE PRICE!  Shipping will be quoted to you in a separate email and billed accordingly.  This version of the book is not light or cheap to ship. The weight of the entire package is 5.9kg (13 pounds), and the size of the shipping box is 15x16x4 inches.  Approximate shipping costs (varies between carriers, destination, and other variable factors):

  • Australia/New Zealand: ~ $95-$125 USD (we recommend making friends who travel or are flight crews traveling to U.S., we can ship to U.S. address and they can hand carry back for you to save costs)
  • United Kingdom: ~ $68-$75 USD
  • Canada: ~ $35-$65 USD
  • Hong Kong: ~ $65-$85 USD

If your country isn’t listed, please inquire before purchase so we can give you an proper estimate for shipping outside of the United States.

NEW UK/EUROPE ORDERS:  UK, Europe – please contact The Airline Boutique ( while supplies last.  



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Weight 13 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 15 × 4 in


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